These are some original and remixed tracks I have done

Some of the tracks are completely original, all the sounds were extracted from my brain somewhere. In other cases I sampled pieces from various other noncommercial sources to get inspiration. As you can hear, if you have listened, the consistency of the tracks range to a degree. As time progresses, I hope that my music and sound does as well, into something enjoyable for someone.


Originals & Remixes

Sutherland- Pequeno Piano

Sutherland - Martha's Bass

Sutherland - Set My Love Free (free mix)

Sutherland - Luv Dancin

Sutherland - Suger Latina

Sutherland - Enter My Current Mind

Sutherland - A Latino Synthani

Sutherland - Diamond Life (Suthe JapricaMix)

Sutherland - A Tribute

Sutherland - Poesia