These are some original and remixed tracks I did while living in Turkey

These tracks are a product of the sounds I heard while living in Turkey. The darbuka is an instrument that really caught my ear and became the base/initial sound for the tracks I produced at the time. In addition, the pop muzik I heard or turkish (sarkici) stars prevalent over the past decades gave me inspiration to remix the sounds they created. All the Turkish songs remixed are songs I liked and at the same time I heard them differently in my head. And what you hear is what I was hearing in my head.


Originals & Remixes

Sutherland - Ich takna a loubnan

Sezen Aksu - Karsi Pencere (SutheSound Mix)

Sezen Aksu -Deli Gonlum ( Suthe Concept Mix)

Ayse Ozyilmazel - Arabesk (Sutherland Mix)

Sutherland - My D-Buka

Sutherland - Flut

Sutherland - Baughlama

Babazula - Iki Bendir (Sutherland concept mix)

Kardes Turkler - Turkish House (SutheSound Mix)