These are some original and remakes I have done

You have now found yourself in the chilled out section. This type of music is different from the others I normally produce. I do not know exactly how to categorize it, however, I can say this is a true reflection of my sound, SutheSound or Sutherland's Sound. The tracks here are made with the help of my guitar and bass. 'Goodbye Love' is an example where I am playing the bass and two guitar parts. I wish I had a drum kit, but that will come one day.


Originals & Remixes

Sutherland- Discrete Orchestration

Sutherland - Tonite

Sutherland -Backdrop

Sutherland - Tech Back the Nite

Sutherland - Suuthing

Sutherland - Goodbye Love

Sutherland - Smoke in My Head

Sutherland - Unended Space

Flunk - Lost Causes (A Sutherland Mix)

Flunk - Sanctuary (Sutherland Mix)