Sutherland DJ | Sound Selector | Curator | Producer

Once upon a time there was a guitar player who wanted to expand his musical creativity. In 2006, he picked up a pair of turntables, a mixer, some vinyl records, and began DJing. Everyday he would practice until one day he thought, "I need to start making music like the stuff I am spinning." This was the beginning of Sutherland's Sound (SutheSound). A musical journey into the ubiquitous nature of sound..............

Sutherland's main style of production is centered around drum rhythms, African percussion, and Latin American sounds. On a variety of tracks you may hear Sutherland playing the piano, bass and/or guitar in order to incorporate a human element/natural feel into his production projects. While DJing, you may hear him spinning, Afro/Latin house, Deep house, Vocal/Soul house or Chilled out mixes, however, no Pop Music.

Originals & Remixes

Sutherland - Love House

Sutherland - Play

Sutherland - Cafe Negro (Hektor Thillet Vocal Mix)

Sutherland - And the music.... (Original Mix) mp3

Sutherland - Suger Hill Latina

Sutherland - Tu quieres mas (original mix)

Sutherland - Japrica(Diamond life remix)

Sutherland - Inspired by Izzy Sanabria

Sutherland - Enter My Current Mind

Sutherland - Follow the drums

Sutherland - Another Sueno Latino

DJ Joker - Track 12 (Sutherland latin mix)

Aphreme - Conformity Ain't the Way (Sutherland's Bass Mix)

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (Sutherland's Bootleg Remix)