A Collection throughtout the years

Below you will find a few sets I have done over the years. They hit the range of music I prefer to spin. However, Latin House is my favorite sub-genre of House music to play. I love spinning Latin influenced House music. There is something about it, other than the hand drums, that I love. I like a lot of tracks in this genre and it is fun to play with but...............for me it hits the soul like the other House genres, like old school and new school Chicago and New York House, Deep House, Soulful House, and Afro House. A lot of tracks in these genres actually make me dance, uncontrollably.

Musical Journey, the newest addition September 2017, is a compilation/mix of songs for a more chilled out vibe. Throw it on for some nice background music, at a small party/gathering, or if you are just chilling somewhere relaxing.


Mixed Beats



Musical Journey (2017)

Musical Journey pt. 2 (2017)

Sutherland Presents -- Latin House Lounge (2017)

Locke Pub (October 28, 2016)

Musical Aeipathy

Musical Aeipathy II

Latin House Spectrum

Selections of House - Electrohaus

Selections of House - Latin House (Vinyl set)

Selections of House - Smooth House (vinyl set)