LeRoy S. Blacke DJ | Producer

LeRoy S. Blacke is the bass driver in Suthesound. He likes to focus on the underground and obscure aspects of House music. When mixing or DJing, he utilizes harder and higher beat per minute (bpm) tracks and songs. For remixes he usually tends to add more thump or bass to tracks and songs to give it a heavy vibrating feeling. LeRoy's style is influenced by early house music pre-dating the 2000s. Even though his tracks are recent, you may feel as if it comes from an older time period.



Originals & Remixes

LeRoy S. Blacke - Pequeño Piano

LeRoy S. Blacke - Martha's Bass

LeRoy S. Blacke - Set My Love Free (free mix)

LeRoy S. Blacke - Luv Dancin

Infinity Ink - Infinty (LeRoy S. Blacke Bootleg Mix)

Imagination - Flashback (LeRoy S. Blacke Bootleg Mix)

LeRoy S. Blacke - A Latino Synthani

LeRoy S. Blacke - Deep Cut

LeRoy S. Blacke - This Old House

Sutherland - Farid's Piano (LeRoy's Thump C Mix)

Hoca- Baughlama (LeRoy S. Blacke Mix)

LeRoy S. Blacke - 69 Percent of A Beat