Hoca DJ | Producer

Pronounced (ho‧dja or ho‧ja), Hoca's tracks are a product of the sounds heard while living in Turkey. The darbuka is an instrument that really caught his ear and became the base/initial sound for the tracks produced at the time. In addition, the pop muzik heard or Turkish (sarkici) stars prevalent over the past decades gave inspiration to the remixes created. All the Turkish songs remixed are songs he liked or heard differently in his head. And what you hear is what he was hearing in his head at the time.

Hoca’s style is a product of Middle Eastern music and countries neighboring the region. He plays on the concept of fusing the various instruments found in the region with the classic House music style to create a different sound.


Originals & Remixes

Hoca - Ich takna a loubnan

Sezen Aksu - Karsi Pencere (Hoca's Bootleg Mix)

Sezen Aksu -Deli Gonlum ( Hoca's Bootleg Mix)

Ayse Ozyilmazel - Arabesk (Hoca's Bootleg Mix)

Hoca - My D-Buka

Hoca - Flut

Hoca - Baughlama

Babazula - Iki Bendir (Hoca's Bootleg mix)

Kardes Turkler - Turkish House (Hoca's Bootleg Mix)

Hoca - Farid's Piano (Original Mix)

Hoca - Celestial Keys