There is no particular order of appearance for each track that I consider to be a favorite. These tracks and songs are my favorite because I can listen to them at least 2 times to 3 times in one day. But never 2 times in a row :) I cannot listen to a song over and over again, on repeat. It is too redundant and not my choice of conditioning.

Over the years these songs have stayed in my head and when I hear them from time to time, it feels as if I am hearing the song or track for the first time again. This song and track list will expand as I remember other songs I love.

As you may have noticed, most of these tracks have never been played of the radio, that is the point. My job as a DJ is to introduce you to NEW songs. And the radio does not really do that. Well it does and then it plays the shit out of that song to make money for the artist of record company. That is why so many other great artist are neglected. Hopefully, you find a new artist within the list and help to support their love for music.

Kings of Tomorrow ft.April - Fall for you (Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix)

3 Winans Brothers_ The Clark Sisters - Dance (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)

White Lotus Society - Hot Outside (Demarkus Lewis Club Mix)

Al Green - Here I am (Lac's 9 mins of love for the edit groupers remix)

Gramatik - So Much For Love

Massive Attack- Paradise Circus (Luther Edit- full version)

Mr. V - Put your drink down (louie vega mix)

Noir ft haze - Around (Solomun Vox Mix)

Sandy Rivera-Come On Sandys Matinee Mix

David Guetta, David Gunther- Drop It feat Kelly Rowland (Original Mix)