SutheSound can be pronounced as (Soothe Sound) or (Suth - E - Sound). This group consist of originally produced and remixed beats, tracks, and songs. Each producer featured on this site has a particular style they like to focus on, however, they do not have a particular style or preference. They create according to the mind space they inhabit at various periods of time. The sounds you hear throughout this web based platform are a representation of what is auditorily pleasing to SutheSound. If you or your corporation can relate to SutheSound, please contact us and we will be happy to develop the future of sound with you. Suthesound is open to collaborating with other musicians from any genre as well.

Suthesound currently features the following artist forms: 舅舅Beats, Hoca, Sutherland, and LeRoy S. Blacke. Each moniker is one in the same and defines the various frequencies of creativity Suthesound likes to explore through sound. A collection of original work and remixes for each sobriquet (舅舅Beats, Hoca, Sutherland, and LeRoy S. Blacke) can be found under the artist’s name on the main page. For more information regarding the artists visit their section.

The idea for the Suthesound project came after listening to a Red Bull lecture. The two presenters were the magnificent duo Masters at Work (MAW). During the lecture they mentioned how they would use different names and monikers to produce songs for different record labels. This is when the idea hit me, “damn that is genius”. So, Sutherland was now separated into 4 entities with Suthesound becoming the main connector and a collection of the 4 parts.

Each name is a nickname and/or a legal name I currently hold. The songs or tracks paired with the names is a reflection of the name/persona Sutherland inhabits.


It is inherent for human beings to label and classify just about everything. This is not different when it comes to musicians. As a DJ, most people categorize us as a certain type which is their ‘personal jukebox’. Furthermore, the mass population generally restricts DJs to a certain style of playing. With these different names, I, Sutherland/Suthesound can now play outside of the box and create.